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  1. So all you chaps out there with lowered buses how do you turn full left and right ????
    From what I can make out the tyres would all hit the arches ??? Am I missing something....?
  2. You have to mount bumb stops. No other way... And regardless of what anybody will tell you, you will either hit them very oftenly (even more than that when loaded), or you do what needs to be done to do it right: increase the spring rate. Coilovers, or additionally air supported shocks.

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  3. Narrowed beam
  4. It really depends how much you lower...adjusters on standard beam haven't caused me issues .... except that it now fits in the garage.
  5. Sure, but when the concern is already whether you still can turn left and right w/o hitting the arch I think we are talking about loooow

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  6. Cut and twist dropped 100mm on stock everything =misery.
    Same drop, raised 25mm on coilovers = 75mm drop.. only ever rubs if you corner hard at 40mph and hit a bump.
    The paint and underseal on the wheel arches lasts now.
    If you have passengers on stock seats they will be hanging on to stop sliding off the seats on that corner ;).
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  7. I'm at 100mm and it only worked with bumb stops which I was permanently sitting on with two passengers in the front. Now I have airride monroe dampers and pump it back up, runs like a charme

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  8. Gabriel hi jackers for me never scrapes
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  9. I put 165 tyres on and now from 145 just back from Stanford hall and glad its put away. It was a nightmare going over a pea in the road...on the 145 it was fine now I've no under seal left.....the dog was Marmiteting himself as I was lol
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  10. 145?? Front tyres? What rim size and shoulder height?
    But overall that setup to me sounds like its just not working and youre killing your backbone and your Bus (and the dog...)

  11. How is the bus lowered? Stock width beam? Spindles? Wheel width and offset?
  12. 15 inch rims..and it worked but the load was not enough hence I had to go ton165
  13. I dont really know..weedeater something or other..I have air front but i took.it off as the ride was a nightmare.....its got a 4 inch narrowed beam, gas shocks now..but it's all new to me really.. I've been concentrating on the body and now wants for nothing other than the same colour and went to the show at Stanford Hall to camp out but the ride was again a bit frightening so I'll head over to my guys at Midland prototype to see what the problem.is
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  14. Ok Graham will sort you out. Can be a mine field if you don’t know what you’re doing (or what’s been done previously).
  15. I think we need some more details before we can really help you.
    How low is it (pics), and how was it done (dropped spindle or/and adjustable springs)?
    You mentioned gas shocks, it is a common misunderstanding that these would be of any help in lowered cars when they are loaded. Shocks only slow the up- and down movement of the suspension, but do not influence how far it goes. Gas shocks have some inner pressure that expand them a little bit, but that's nothing.
    The narrowed beam is commonly used to bring the wheels more into the wheelhouse so they don't hit the arch, but from a driving perspective they are physically nonsense. Front axle should be wide, not narrow, that has big influence on how stabile the car runs straight...
    You already have small wheels and a narrowed beam, still the wheel hits the car: it is too low! Hopefully the lowering is not only by adjusted springs as you then have a real risk that the joints are at their limits and might break....

    What now? Two options, or rather a combination of both. Lift her up a little or even a little more, and in any case increase the spring rate. That can be done with coilover springs on the shocks (GAZ has good stuff here) or shocks with air pressure support like Monroe Max Air, that is what I did.
    You need bump stops that prevent the wheels from hitting the housing even in the worst situation, and finally (thats my personal view) I think 165 tyres are too small to reliably stop that thing in every situation.

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    On a different subject @Thorsten Winter i just looked at your web site and I like what you have done to the caravan.
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  17. Thanks still an old thing and not everything 100% perfectly restaurated, but it's fun and it's good enough for vacation. I'll be at busfest in september, maybe I come with it

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  18. Thank you for the advice. Steve
  19. Turn in wider circles.

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