lowered / slammed late bay Westy pic thread

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  1. Any more info on this van? Can someone advise what suspension changes have been done here?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Rob, If you mean the green one, I'd say the rear has been let down two or three splines, and the front may be down by a beam adjuster. What does the next person say??
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  3. Evolution of one van,
    by Mark @ Autotechniks 01372 878 464




  4. looks great in the bottom image - love the wheels, Porsche ones?
  5. Think they are aftermarket split rims but yes in porsche fittment. He fitted them and modified the bus over Christmas so this is how it looks in its latest guise.
  6. they suit it! So far as to say, much better than the cosmics!
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  7. They are still a 5x112 fitment, so go straight on. Just modded because of how low it is :)
    They are 8" wide on the front and 9" wide on the rear, with offsets to suit !! Can't remember if they are 17's or 18's though.
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  8. Cheers Dude :D
  9. My '77 on 3"Narrowed Beam & Dropped spindles. image.jpg

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  10. [​IMG]
    Here's my early westy lowered 2 splines on front 3 1/2 horse shoes on back.
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  12. I say High and Dry
  13. As low as the roads where I live allow!



  14. One more for this thread, not mine, but nicked off the vintage autohaus blog



    I love the look of a late westy all-over in pastel white (i considered re-painting mine but could'nt justify the spend) and with the dark fuchs i think this looks awesome.

    Front tyres won't be load rated though so i'll not be doing this to mine, but looks great none the less.
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  16. Sweet as Doka!
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  18. Your a tease

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