Lower front panel replacement

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  1. Has anyone changed the lower half of there front panel and found a good panel that fits and lines up ok.??
  2. Welcome fella, I believe the only panels available for the front are the Brazilian ones, Which should be a reasonable fit. C&C (custom and commercial) aren't far from you either so getting hold of one shouldn't be too much trouble, how much of the panel are you thinking of replacing?
  3. Thank you,I was going to try and replace the lower half but i think cutting through the middle of the panel and welding would cause way to much heat distortion,So i think the way forward is a complete front panel.
    Are they expensive and are they a good fit.I'm asking a person with some experience.?
  4. I've not done a front panel myself, I've got to do the top of mine (bellow windscreen down to indicators) theres a few threads in the resto section where the front panels have been replaced,

    Have a look here: Morkc68 has replaced the front - http://thelatebay.com/index.php?topic=654.0
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    Yup, as Dave mentioned, we replaced the front panel, bit daunting but we did it okay. I think we got ours from VW Heritage (5% discount on costs) and the key to it all is prepare everything beforehand, make sure the front top of the deformation panel is nice and tidy & cleaned up and painted. Next are the door piller sections, ensure these are all nicely prepared either side and most important is the front pillers, trim them lower than what the panel is to start with, you dont want to trim too much off.
    Finally, measure, measure, measure then fit...take your time and everything will fall into place nicely

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