Low Wray nr Ambleside

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  1. Just spent 3 days at this site ,we had no hook up but managed on the leisure battery . Stunning scenery , lakeside access , shop ,showers etc. In the evening they do pizza's ( even provided us with gluten free at no extra charge , my boys said they were the best they'd ever had !!! ). Not the cheapest site , but good value .Castle nearby and all the convienient shops 5 mins away. Image1465158808.979707.jpg Image1465158824.909164.jpg Image1465158885.575386.jpg Image1465158922.008558.jpg Image1465159000.175588.jpg Image1465159026.175236.jpg Image1465159039.459131.jpg Image1465159098.615306.jpg Spotted a few bay's and chatted to a lovely couple less than15 miles from where we live !! All in all very nice and superb if you have children .

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  2. 20170712_075544.jpg Just spent 2 nights here. It's now my favourite site and they were the best pizzas ever.
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  3. More info when I get home. In Coniston now.
  4. We had a few nights there 3 years ago- as they sat in these parts, it was gert lush.
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  6. This is a large site with lots of hidden corners. I was in this little offshoot in the woods. When we came back from a walk we were joined by a t5 and a t6. In other areas they had tents, yurts, gypsy caravans, shacks, hobbit houses, tipis, motor homes etc. One of the workers was living in an prototype. The shop was well stocked. You could hire boats and bikes. The showers were good and the staff friendly.
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    50 grands worth of minibus
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  8. 20170711_184011.jpg
    Staff accommodation
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    Is Frodo in?
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  10. 20170710_191742.jpg You could even sleep under the stars
  11. 20170710_184532.jpg You wait all day for a bus...
  12. 20170712_174300.jpg I've always been dead jammy with the weather in the lakes
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  13. If you had come up a couple of days ago you would of needed a flipping snorkel. ...
    oh and I prefer your bus over the 50k one anyday....
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  14. We're coming to Low Wray in a few weeks time for 4 nights. Even more excited now! Great to hear that gluten free pizzas are available, mr vw will be well chuffed. Great photos, the pitches are bigger than I expected them to be. After staying here, we're off to the NT site at Wasdale Head. We've stayed there before, but the pitches are much smaller. Hope we get as lucky as @vinnyboy with the weather! :)
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  15. I'll give you the dates of the next time I'm in the lakes :thumbsup:
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