Louvre window fitting

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Podrr, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. As Above.

    How on earth is it supposed to go in!?!?!
    Can’t figure it out and have given up as its gone dark


  2. Day

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    It pushes in...but it is a pain as a corner keeps 'popping out'.
    Persevere ..it will go.
  3. Ta Day,

    I ran out of perseverance when my mrs let go and it scratched the frame

    Does it fit from the outside? Onto the normal lip of the window frame?
    Doesn’t feel like it’s going to fit... and theres a bit that seems to stick inside

  4. davidoft

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  5. 21Window

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    If it's a Westfalia it's quite an easy job...2mm drill holes through the aperture lip, small dinky screws and they pull the window in tight..providing thats what you have :) !!
  6. Think its a Westy.
    Replacing a normal middle window opposite the sliding door.

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  7. davidoft

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    Have you got screw holes in the door ? To hold the window
  8. Nope, no screw holes.
    None on the window either .
    Its not in the door- its for the mid panel on drivers side (rhd) - to replace the original.

  9. davidoft

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    Still needs the holes drilled for the screws to hold it in, so you won’t get it to fit like that. I don’t have a picture of the holes
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  10. Like these?
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  12. Pretty simples after all

    Thanks all

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