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  1. Managed to squeeze in a bit of camping last weekend, lordstones cafe in a place called Chopgate, pronounced 'chop yat' locally.

    As my bay is about halfway through a full restoration I took my folding camper, wife was having a girly night in so me and my oldest boy went with his cousin and her dad.


    That's us in the distance between the glamping tents.


    A few minutes from the camping field up the hill and you are rewarded with stunning views over the tees valley and excellent walks along the Cleveland way. Was quite impressed with this view and as it's only about 35/40mins from my house I will be returning regularly for a wander, coffee and scone!


    Absolutely great time a few beers, excellent weather, BBQ and the kids had a mini adventure in the woods and around the little pond :)

    Once we persuaded them to go to sleep we sat around a roaring fire until the early hours putting the world to rights :burp:

    The campsite is basically just a round field with a few glamping yurts and the like, a few hook up pitches and basic grass pitches, there is a tap in the middle of the field and a nice modern toilet block a minute away. There's an excellent little shop that sells local produce and a fantastic cafe come restaurant.

    It seems the camping is just a sideline to the bustling cafe and they seem very laid back, nobody was in the yurts and bell tents either side of us so the guy said feel free to take the picnic bench and huge steel BBQ if we felt like it as long as we put it back!

    Not somewhere you would go and spend a few days but if passing through this neck of the woods its definitely worth stopping if nothing else but for the view, it's pretty good :thumbsup:

    Only downside was Charlie (my son) shaking my beer soaked head at 2.30am shouting his belly hurts followed by an inbetweeners style projectile vomit all over the sleeping bags :eek:

    Conveniently as the wife wasn't there with number two son I rolled up the vomit covered sleeping bags, chucked em outside and went to the other end of the camper to the other double bed and climbed into an identical set of sleeping bags :D

    Can't wait to get my bay finished but worry the wife is gonna compare it to the folding camper and it's two permanent double beds with the seating area turning into a third if rqd, electric blankets, kitchen and wardrobe! Not to mention that's the first time I've used without the awning too as the mrs normally has that set up like a dining room / kids crèche!
  2. Really nice site this, been for the "day" a few times here.
  3. @optimistic looks a good site. Are you local to round there. Any other sites you'd recommend in the north east?
  4. I'm only a few miles away from Lord stones @Disco_kegs there's a site called fletcher so farm in great atyron, really friendly couple mark and Kai.
  5. Fletchers farm, great Ayton.
  6. Yeah it's my neck of the woods, however I don't really do much camping right on the doorstep so no recommendations apart from this one really.

    Sometimes head towards whitby and the moors as there is loads of campsites everywhere!

    Whitby holiday park is a good location on the cliff tops, a nice walk along the coastline and you're at whitby abbey then down the 199 steps into town.
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    Yeh, nice place with the added challenge of Carlton Bank ! 22%er!

    Andy (Venator)

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