Looks like Eskdale Dubfest is back. March 20-22. Boot, Eskdale.

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Zebedee, Feb 19, 2020.

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    There we are at the front of the picture :)
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  3. Let’s hope the weather has picked up by then eh!
  4. You'd need a boat to get there at the moment. :(
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    It's a nice picture of a TLB get-together from a few years back.

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  6. Mines hidden somewhere along that lineup. :(
  7. That any better Martin ? IMG_5122.JPG
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  8. Thats much better. Still not sure i did the right thing selling it, though it did need a fair amount of work and i didn't have the cash i needed to fix it.
  9. It's a good pic that 1
    My bus is in at number 4 yellow/lime ish colour and that's my wife myself and dogs meeting Lord Condi for the first time I think or had I met him at dent by then...whatever he didn't put us off...
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