Looking underneath - a cautionary tale

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by zedders, Feb 21, 2014.

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  3. Your pics are the size of a stamp. :)
  4. http://s852.photobucket.com/user/brindle-girl/library/jaffa%20van
  5. You need the one that starts
  6. I'm a genius!
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  7. @Captain Pants top tip: the photobucket link won't work if you use the word 0range in the album title.... it's a quirk of the forum to change the word to 'jaffa'.... largely amusing, but does invalidate any links using the word '0range'! I speak from personal experience!
  8. Try br0wn!
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  10. What a great big steaming pile of marverlousness.o_O Me and computers, we're like that.:beer:
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  11. My only problem with this forum.....its an effing irritation, not particularly amusing and I wish they'd switch it off
  12. I had it down as jaffa van and all the photos were jaffa this and jaffa that so I change it to Jaffa. Just dawned on me that this will be al Jaffa too, oh pants!
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  13. Another eye opening tale.

    I've been helping out at my mates garage as a general gofer and tea boy in an attempt to gain first hand knowledge of VW air cooled stuff.
    Last week a beautiful looking 'L' plated Bay tin top came in after failing it's MOT due a little bit of rot on the front beam. Both it's body work and interior were immaculate.
    On removing the thin layer of waxoyl numerous rust holes appeared on both sides of the beam. A replacement beam was obtained and on trying to remove the original it was found that the beam has been welded to the chassis just in front of the fitting where a bodge welding job had been done. We found that the entire chassis from the front beam to the front panel was totally rotten on both near and off sides and offered very little strength and support. You could push your finger through it and was held together with the waxoyl. The chassis had to be replaced on both sides in front of the beam.
    As the title suggests, check underneath even though very thing up top is spot on.
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  14. Good points you make ..:thumbsup:

    They do get bodged a lot if there being kept on the road cheaply
    or up for an mot...
    The same with a lot of old cars..
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  15. Mine looked basically Ok underneath but there was a lot of underseal.

    After it was sandblasted there wasn't an underneath any more...
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  16. Bit of a bump on this one again.
    Since this post had three more bays needing front axle and chassis due to rot and badge job repairs. Admittedly two were in for Resto but not in too bad condition, the other was in for a pre-mot service and appeared it lovely condition. Found axle badly rotted and front part of chassis bodged and rotted through.
    Now seems a common thing to our vans of a certain age.
    Suggest you keep checking and waxoyling.
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  17. Apologies ...yet another bump lol. But is it me or is anyone else able to view the photos at the beginning and throughout this thread?

    I'm looking to buy a VW T2 and have received photos from sellers but don't know the rust trap/areas to look at? Should I be wary of a fresh paint job?

    To be honest im new to VWs having been and still am in the jap scene. I'm looking to buy a VW T2 to take my family on holidays, enjoy the VW scene and go to shows and travel around UK and then if reliable, maybe France ha ha.

    I'm just anxious not to buy a tarted up T2 then find its all filler and horror. On the mr2 forum I'm moderator on, other members help out to look at a potential mr2, is this possible on here, or is there an inspection service I could pay for to inspect an T2 to report on condition etc? My guess is so long as the body is excellent, then the rest can be fixed...

    Not knowing what I'm looking at, makes it harder. I guess anything 6inches up is prone to rust so need to look well, outriggers, sills, a-posts, suspensions mountings etc. But being able to view the photos would be a good first step?!
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  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Photobucket have changed their Ts&Cs so I'm guessing the photos are lost.

    Where are you?
  19. Ah drat. I'm in bexley kent, but looking nationwide for an unrestored t2 westfalia, Danbury or devon

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