Looking to get a late bay

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  1. Brazilian - yeah at the risk of offending a few on here who have those, I have to say I really don’t get it.

    Classic looks but it’s modern right? Er, no. Everything that could have benefitted from some form of modernisation is exactly the same (or worse) than a late german built bay. Brakes:same. Crash protection:same. Heating:they don’t have any from the factory. Rust protection:again, nothing (Brazil is hot, so no salt on the roads like uk). Engine: yes it’s a water cooled polo motor but still only 70 bhp and you’ve lost that lovely air cooled character. Steering:the same only Brazilian steering boxes are made of cheese so wear out after 5k miles (mine did anyway) so actually worse.

    You’d still need to pay road tax on a Brazilian presumably? I think all late bays are FOC now even the very last ones?

    For me German all the way. Yes I’m biased :)
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  2. Day


    I live in the Italian Alps with my 1976 1600bus.
    I keep the valves checked and general engine in good order.
    Bus runs fine. Yes it's slow uphill but it gets there. Other drivers just overtake... I don't care.

    No probs with the bus... None of them like hills.
    Downhill is fine too. It's how you drive that's important.
  3. Stone Him!!!:mad:

    Welcome to the madhouse.
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  4. In fairness, struggling to hold 50mph would be a very badly maintained 1600cc though..... in decent nick, 55mph+ isn’t beyond the humble Type 1, especially on level ground :)

    (For the record, I’d go Scooby in a heartbeat if I could afford it and if it meant 30+mpg )
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  5. A 2L will keep up with modern traffic and providing you spot them early, hills aren't too much of a problem.
    Sidmouth to Sheffield, mostly motorway at 55 - 65 returned 25+ mpg.
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  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I drove mine like a saint on the way to TE. Got me just over 32mpg.
    It never normally does that to be fair!
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  7. I drove a more or less stock 1600 over the weekend for the first time and it quite happily got up to 60 before I let off on the throttle. The bus also had servo brakes, and while the stopping was the same as mine, the effort was a lot less.

    Yes they are slow, but you use all of the rev range of the engine to make progress, and engine brake rather than use the brakes down hill, so you sit at 25mph in second going down rather than go faster..

    With my 1641 with a little more oomph it will happily climb a 1 in 5 hill at 20mph+ and climb all the hills on the M4 at at least 50mph. On the flat it will go at 65 to 70 happily. Without servo brakes, just stock disc and drums, I have out-braked a Vauxhall Astra, they hit us gently at the end of the braking... , and seriously out-braked a split screen camper and two aircooled Beetles, who ended up one each side of the splitty on the A3 at the end of the queue for Esher. There was a 100m gap between us and the other cars... And I have hopped the back end once at 35mph when somebody slammed on the brakes in front of us.

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