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  1. Hi, We're still on the hunt for the 'One'. Going to look at another soon and armed with all the helpful posts I now know a lot more about what to look for. Mindful of the need to have a good rummage downstairs I asked the seller (very friendly and helpful) to sent me a couple of shots of the chassis of his 71/72 model (which he describes as being in very good order) - these are attached. Is there anything that strikes as something at which I should look at particularly closely?
    Thank you again for your help and encouragement.

    Chassis 1.jpg chassis2.jpg
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    From that picture it looks like a dry state import in very good condition
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  3. that looks nice and tidy underneath..worth investigating further!
  4. I am sure you will get lots of helpful responses. A few more pics of the whole underneath would be more useful. My initial thoughts are that the underneath is not plastered with underseal, so you can see the metal and some rusting. The gearbox has signs of oil leakage. first pic shows 2 open ended metal pipes ?
  5. one to the walkthrough vent(?), missing pipe curl's round on our '73, the other pointing downwards Im not sure about
  6. Yeah - just the heater pipe needs putting in and insulating - very clean otherwise - just needs rustproofing/painting
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  7. That looks in lovely order...... as already said surely a import. Most UK busses of that year I've seen have had fairly extensive remedial work...... all of that looks factory to me. Looks like it wants for a light brush down and a mega waxoyl session :)
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  8. I would rub it down and rustproof it, then hand paint with Rustoleum Combicolour, same colour. Waxoyl is good stuff (but very toxic) and I sprayed mine in all the post sections, sills,
    jacking points, I do it each year. I leave the underneath painted so its not sticky and with paint you can look out for any rusting.

    I was under the van this week sorting out a wiring issue and the body is as good and shiny as it was when I painted it.
  9. Gearbox to driveshaft seal looks to be leaking a bit. Solid otherwise. Good luck.
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  10. Looks a hell of a lot better than mine!!

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