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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Milky, Jul 13, 2020.

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    20200713_133834.jpg 20200713_133848.jpg Last on the road in 1983 and then unused and sat in a old garage in East London.It is low miles 20k and although requiring a restoration it would be a lovely project for someone .In a previous life I owned many of this very underrated classics and can throughly recommend them with friendly club backup and good spares availability.
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    Borrowed one from a friend and drove it down to St Tropez - `91 ish ??
    I set off in mi first van and it popped the motor after a few miles so had it recovered and set off the next day in mateys `breadvan` :thumbsup:
    Never asked where i was going but was a tad miffed when i handed the keys back ... :D

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  5. Is that the one with the column change?
    I drove one, when I was 16.
  6. Had one for years back in the nineties. Handbag holder gearstick. Could always outrun those 2CVs. Great run around but not so good mixing it with artics on the M6.
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  7. I owned an early-ish one many years ago for a short while in the late 90's, a 1966 model with only 3 gears to play with via the 'umbrella' stick. Wish I could've kept it as it was surprisingly solid and great fun despite the 55mph top speed but I actually ended up selling it at VW Stanford Hall. The only Renault for sale at the show that day or sure!
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    I owned various vans , pickup and a very original 62 with the 6volts system , no seatbelts or ignition key ( two button start).By far the best was the GTL model.There is a superb garage in London that specialise in 60s/70s Renault and he has built a lovely Gordini engined R4. https://www.renospeed.co.uk/about/the-creamy-white/
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    It is full of books , West Ham football programmes , car brochures and old world maps . I had a very quick rummage through in my lunch break and found this gem to start with .Its a sales flyer for a TVR Tina prototype that was powered by a Hillman Imp engine .Looking forward to see what I find tomorrow ?Sorry the pictures are upside down for some reason ? 20200713_133213.jpg 20200713_133213.jpg 20200713_133221.jpg
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    Anyone fancy buying this one before I go the eBay route and get bombarded with silly questions and non payers.
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  13. We bought one for £50 back in the 80s. Loved it :thumbsup:
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    Gear change comes out of the dash doesn’t it ? We used to have them as work vans , as an apprentice i remember laying on top of a load of old pallets with my feet sticking out of the removable upper tailgate :eek:
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  15. Nice, I quite like a 2cv. Not cheap anymore either
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  16. Ooh! My first car was a white Renault 4, a K reg!
    Lovely motor for a student.
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    My first thought as well.
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    Students nowadays could not maintain an old car !
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  19. Thought mummy and daddy looked after that side of things ?

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