Long weekend

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  1. It’s a long weekend here in Australia.
    Well it’s a public holiday on Thursday and I have taken Wednesday and Friday off as well.

    I have just cracked the first tinny after setting up camp.
    We are at a Hipcamp sort of near Raymond Terrace.
    near Newcastle if anyone knows there geography down under.
    Or 200km north of Sydney.
    There is Salamander Bay or Tea Gardens to the east if we want a swim or some cracking country pubs to the west at Paterson and Clarence Town.
    See we have the place to ourselves.
    Well - it’s a 2 camp site place.

    We have 4 nights here and besides a thunderstorm tomorrow evening I reckon the weather is pretty good.
    It’s about 30*C at the moment.

    Even better is it is 15% off a New Moon and that sets at 8:30 pm
    Should be a cracking night for satellites and falling stars

    Yes - I’m still in the T25(3)
    Have an update on my bay soon

    87DAD2C8-7067-47C9-96A1-0B42634FF1FA.jpeg 4A8BCFD9-4E07-4A69-BED9-9E892BAAFAC3.jpeg 175C905E-2C16-4B3E-8B32-2CCEA090069A.jpeg BA2C6EE3-8C29-422D-8AE9-68E52EE4A102.jpeg
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  2. Have a great weekend
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  3. Poptop2

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    Looks well chilled. Enjoy :thumbsup:
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  4. 38*C today so need a beer or two

    Paterson Tavern

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