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  1. With any luck, the Daughter, Son-in-Law, Grand Daughter and Grand Pug will be moving from Brisbane to Geneva early next year.

    Any one suggest a nice route London to Geneva not tooooooo long as the main point is to get there in the bus to see the family, so maybe max 4 days.


    Should we just take a flight from LHR to GVA!

  2. Fly.

    You won't break down in france
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  3. Could I take a route and avoid France altogether?

    I have heard there are a few dodgy characters there!

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  4. it's called the French...;)
  5. Oh :(
    That’s a shame and such a beautiful country!

    So probably via Zeebrugge or worse case Dunkirk and quickly into Belgium?
  6. Four days for the full trip isnt enough to spend quality time with them. Fly, or get the train.
  7. Very true @Dicky
    I did not make it clear the four days is for the travel, we will spend a week or two with them .............:).
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  8. fair enough. Its been a while but been a couple of times by road but its a while back. Its not that far really. Will try to remember routes but both times I camped at Lausanne next to the lake. But I'm going back a few years.
  9. i do remember spending some time in Flanders en route and went to vimy ridge then followed the maginot line. Good roads and lots to see.
  10. Thanks you @Dicky

    I'll have a look at these, through your answers make me realise I should not be asking such a direct question, as though the route is important, what is worth seeing on the journey should also be a consideration.
  11. if you've got 4 days to do it that should be time to see some sights. Get planning and make the most if it. Its actually doable in a day in the car.nice to get some miles done and get through northern France quite quickly if yur in a mission.
  12. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    punch the route into google maps then see where there suggest as the route and drag it about so you go pass town/places you might wish to see on route.

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