Log cabin/summer house

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  1. Hello all you fancy schmancy lot.
    As usuall I have questions that are nothing to with crappy rusty VW's.

    I've been asked to dismantle, move, and rebuild a log cabin. It's 3m by 3m, constructed with interlocking timbers that I assume are just slotted together, rather than mechanical fixings.

    It's only been built for a couple of years so shouldn't be any issues with rotten timber etc.

    Has anyone ever done this?

    Is it likely to come apart easily?

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  2. I did it recently, and rebuilt afted travelling on a flatbed, i used masking tape to label every horizontal timber to allow perfect rebuilding. Re ercetion was faster than taking down

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  3. It was 5m x 5m and it was a pleasure to sort, a few crowbars to split stubborn bits.

    The labelling was a must [​IMG]

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  4. I have build one from new. Never rebuilt one as such,but fast and easy to do.:thumbsup:
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  5. Cheers
    How long did long did it take you?
    Manage to dismantle with no damage?
  6. I built a 12' ×12' interlocking type from a flat pack and found that unless it's a top quality spec with heavy timber, they are quite lightweight. I'd suggest you look out for extra supports and brackets that have been added to the original spec to make it more substantial. Keep as many of the panels in one piece as you can. Avoid doing it on your own as something is bound to drop/slip and possibly snap/split.
  7. If the fixings are good like ring shanks (annular nails) then they won’t pull apart. If want it to last use ring shanks
  8. Jesus nails
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  9. Satan's nails
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  10. He may of helped hammer them in either way it was a bugger to get him off the cross
  11. If it's the interlocking type not much apart from weight keeps it together.
    Some screws at the base and some at the roof and main beams.
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  12. I will indeed be doing it on my own, cheers for the tips!
    I'll just have to add pita % to the job...
  13. Straight forward just number the inside with chalk Front, back, left gable, right gable so on to make it easier to throw it up!
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