Lockdown madness

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snotty, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. You know you're going barmy when you stand in front of the front door pressing the button on your VW Golf plipper, expecting the door to unlock :(

    Anyone else suffering symptoms?
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  2. absolutely, I picked up the Tv remote to answer my phone.
  3. I made a coffee yesterday with one of those pod machines, and stood watching the coffee pour all over the place without a cup underneath :thinking:
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  4. davidoft

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  5. Good job you weren't ironing at the time.......
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  6. ... and that's a novelty ??

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  7. So you would normally put your phone in the butter?
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    It was murder trying to spread my strawberry screen saver on my toast :eek:
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    in the sugar pot
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  10. Very true, my ear would have been burning
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  11. I’ve started going for walks...
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  12. bernjb56

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    If anyone has seen my garage keys give me a shout. Went missing between the drawer and the garage door. About 10 paces.
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  13. Forgot to get dressed this morning and then just put my coat on for a meeting. I will be glad when I start working from home to be honest!
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  14. I remember sitting and smirking as my mate's dad put a bag of tomatoes in the drinks cabinet and a bottle of sherry in the fridge. :)

    It comes to us all eventually.
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  15. Er, can't see the problem there o_O Nice cold fino or palo cortado, and tomatoes that are nice and warm and flavoursome. :)
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  16. We were sat out the back garden and I spotted a barn owl flying in the field. I said to herself “Did you see the owl then, no?, rewind it there”. Yes, I thought I could rewind life! Too used to Sky Q me thinks!
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  17. I lost my Golf car keys and had to use the spare for over year until I discovered them in the freezer. Still worked fine!
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  18. You were lucky. My freezer never worked after I put my car keys in it!
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  19. I have tried to zoom in on a photo by spreading two fingers on a page!
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  20. Mind you, one of the grand daughters tried to do that on a photo in a frame, aged 2. Talk about regressing to childhood :)
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