Lockdown Madness.

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  1. My mother, who is 86 years old, started this, at the start of lockdown, for something to ‘keep her busy’.
    She has always liked knitting, back from the days when we lived on a farm in the 70’s. We had sheep, and I can remember, as a child, my father would shear them, bring the wool in, and my mother had a spinning wheel, so she would ‘card’ the wool,( get all the fibres going one way, with two special, spiked, handled, ‘cards’, ( you might have to google that), then spin it into balls. Then spin it, make the wool, then make us all jumpers, etc.
    So her fascination came from that.
    She has always wanted to go to Disneyland..,

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  2. Can’t open the attachment
  3. And she never made it sideways...
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  4. That is brilliant well done Mum :thumbsup:
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  5. Thats not madness, that's talent.
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  6. Quality.
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  7. That’s very impressive,so detailed out of wool

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  8. Amazing!
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  9. I'm not a knitter.. but that's skill.. top marks to your mum there..

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  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Flipping heck that’s brilliant, and to still have the dexterity to do it at 86 is awesome :).
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  11. That’s amazing. Is it made from toilet rolls?
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  12. That looks brilliant
  13. Excellent
  14. Can she do a Tracy island now please
  15. Wow! That’s ace.
    Kudos to your Mum

    And I’ll second the vote for Tracey Ialand next ;)
  16. Wool.But with cardboard structures.
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  17. Her eyes aren't great, unfortunately. But she is looking at pics of the Taj Mahal, at the moment.
    She used no patterns. It’s all in her head.
  18. I see patterns in my head as well. But that’s down to the paranoid schizophrenia
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  19. I did a Tracy in Ireland once:p:p
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