Llanthony Abbey, Court Farm camp site (Abergaveny 12 miles)

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  1. In the grounds of the Abbey Farm (Court Farm) 50yds from the pub in the Abbey grounds (In the Crypt just 5 tables decent food good beer but no dogs allowed - CADW policy, I believe) and 100yds from the Half Moon Inn ( Decent beer and food, a little tired but a good vibe).

    Has just a cold tap and you use the loo's in the Abbey Car Park, but.....£3 per night per person irrespective of size of tent or VW/awning (see pic below!) no charge for dogs, awnings etc.

    Good walking - a great 18 mile walk around the surrounding ridges - or plenty of 2 or 3 mile hikes. pitch up and the farmer calls round for the cash in the morning.

    A Westy and a couple of T25's while we were there this weekend...

    Llantony Abbey 008.JPG Llantony Abbey 011.JPG Llantony Abbey 012.JPG
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  2. They sure are :)

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