List of beaches you can drive on PLEASE ADD GPS Co-Ordinates

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  1. After looking at the July picture on the TLB calendar and dreaming of sitting in my van on the beach, I realised that I don't actually know anywhere I can do this.

    So if you know any stick the details (name of beach, where it is and a nearby postcode/GPS co-ords)on here.

    If we can get a list going a mod may come along and tidy it up and move it to the right place. :)
  2. Weston supermare (parking but no overnight camping)
    Borth (£6 overnight kinda on beach but safe side of sea wall in and around sand dunes)
    Shell island Wales - not sure of price now
  3. dog


    daytona beach-florida!
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  5. porthmadog blackrock sands

    i love this place
  6. Great stuff. Keep em coming.
  7. Margate. Dont know if its legal or not but ive ridden a scooter along it. Mind the soft bits though, else over the bars you go.
  8. Porth beach Cornwall (nr Newquay)
  10. Pembrey
  11. These are all great and keep adding. But to get it made into something a bit more official we need a bit more info about each beach. Just so they're easier to find.
    Was hoping it could be turned into something a bit like the campsite review section? Please nice mods :)
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    :) good idea there chaps. I've posted it up in the staffroom for the bosses to look at.
  14. We went to hell's mouth in north wales a few years ago, No parking on the beach but lots of wild campers around there, in the various places. brilliant place too.
    We stopped on a campsite but they allowed fires and was no restrictions to space either was a WIN of a week,

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    Porth beach looks lovely ;D

    This is Rodalquilar beach, Cabo de Gata, Almeria and Playa Macenas, Mojacar, Almeria


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    Ainsdale Beach, Southport, Merseyside. GPS Latitude 53 deg 36' 22.72" N Longitude 3 deg 3' 55.96" W

    We go here often as it's about a 20 mins drive from our house.


    A great beach with toilets and a burger van in the summer weekends. You can walk for miles along the beach back to Freshfield National trust pine forest to see the red squirrels, or if you aren't that energetic you can stay put and watch the kite-boarders and kite-surfers :)

    I suppose you could stay over night if you went to the far end of the beach tucked in by the sand dunes, although we've never tried as we live too near ;)

    We had a TLB meet-up here 2 years ago and had a BBQ.


  17. Pendine Sands

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  20. Skarrev Beach, Near Aabenraa Denmark...can't stay overnight but a beautiful spot

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