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  1. i was browsing that before, really good idea.
  2. I would have thought VW would have done a parts manual for each model as you can get with Harley's and other makes. Very useful and educational.
  3. Parts manuals , helps sell more s h it you don’t need :D
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  4. When I saw the email my first though was "there goes a 'what is this bit?' thread on TLB. Could take some of @snotty fun away during these 'exceptional' times.:rolleyes:;)
  5. Spotted this in their email today too. Could have done with this over the last 3 years :rolleyes:
  6. Have a look at the microfiche on Ratwell. It’s much the same.
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  7. Hang on , haven`t JK been doing this for yonks ??

    Still a great idea but didn`t open the email as i don`t `NEED` anything but might `WANT` something :rolleyes:

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  8. Yes, they have.
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  9. Yes I only found one of their we do beetles manual sales brochures yesterday on a clear out . You should see the prices :eek: back then !! :thinking:

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