FOR SALE Light Switch/Wiper Escutcheon Removal Tool

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Bigherb, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Had some more tools made for unscrewing the light/wiper switch escutcheons, fits 6V or 12V switches in one tool. Laser cut in stainless steel.
    £6.50 including postage and packing.
    PM for payment details.

  2. Brilliant! PM sent
  3. Me too! Nearly scratched my newly painted dash recently trying to tighten up headlight switch! Pm sent.
  4. Me please Mikey, I can pay now or when I'm up to you next to complete the service stuff on my bus :)

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  5. I’ll take one please.

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  6. JamesLey

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    Oh I do love the right tool for the job! Count me in.
  7. Dubs

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  8. I'll save you one Jules.
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  9. PM me for payment options
  10. All the ones that have been paid for have been posted today.
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  11. Arrived yesterday, top notch Herb! Thanks
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  12. I'll have one please presuming that you still have some left.
    Sending PM.
  13. +1 lovely little tool and super fast delivery!
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  14. Hi if you have any left,I'll have one please .
    Sent pm
  15. Got mine. Thanks mate

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