FOR SALE LHD Westfalia 1979 Dove Grey

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  1. Danae was imported in 2006 by Rcc imports and then restored by the previous owner to me by Vdubcampers , I have owned the van for over 3 years

    It is dove grey in colour and all the units have been covered in grey , the upholstery was covered by Traffictrim in purple
    Toad alarm and immobiliser
    Firetec engine bay extinguisher
    Kenwood stereo with USB socket
    Working fridge and original ice cube trays
    Split battery charger
    Pertronix electronic ignition
    Weber twin carbs 2.0 type 4 engine tuned on Rolling road January 2013
    Had a propex heater fitted by Gasure in November 2011 which keeps the van very warm even when driving
    New fuel lines fitted February 2013
  2. That's a shame mate I thought you were going to keep it. As I said before, it looks like a well cared for bus and it is priced keenly. Good luck with the sale.
    If I never had mine, I'd be paying you a visit !
  3. Thanks , finances dictate that she's got to go unfortunately
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  5. Monday morning bump
  6. Gutted for you mate :(
    Should have no problem shifting at that price as its very tidy inside and out :thumbsup:
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  7. Thanks Dave , got a lady viewing later, so fingers crossed
  8. Stick to your price Stu as thats the bottom end I would expect for yours.
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    I'd say be flexible on price to be honest. You don't need to knock off loads but no-one wants to pay full price!
  10. Sold!
  11. Baysearcher

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    Good work

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