LHD Devon Cooker Swing Out Hinge

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  1. Hi

    As per the title I'm after the Devon type swing out cooker hinge .. but for my LHD van.

    I've tried researching but failed miserably and not sure if you can get one for a LHD

    Any help appreciated - and if anyone has one they don't want :)


  2. Think there's a thread in the How To section on here to make one if you have no luck finding one.
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  3. Many thanks !!
  4. My Devon eurovette has swing out cooker , the clever thing is being spring loaded hinge mech you can also remove easy if you want to cook outside on grass or whatever or you just don’t want it in van for some trips . If you could get a rhd one you might be able to mod it to work ?
  5. I've looked at pics and think to mod it would require grinding and rewelding the flat pieces that hold the cooker unit and bolt to the bus ... but if that's all I can find then it is a possibility
  6. I’ll have a look at mine tomorrow n see if I can see a way , I think what your saying is the way , have a look on eBay or camper shack or even @davidoft might have one ? Or know a route to take . It’s definately handy being able to lift it out if reqd rather than having a fixed hinge .
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  7. Thanks

    Yep - looking at Campershak it seems his will hand either way from the pictures of both RHD and LHD fittings ... I'm searching eBay and wonder if one is more likely to turn up at shows
  8. Yeh you can just turn the hinge over ,it just means the spring loaded bolt will go in the bottom and the fixed bolt will go in the top but that shouldn’t matter , just make sure you fix hinges on right and check dims for bolt plate . Good luck with the find :thumbsup:
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  9. Many thanks for checking .... just need to keep searching for one now !!

    Thanks again
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