lets see your engine bays

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  1. I like the nut and bolt with all the wires hanging in mid air
  2. Here's mine just picked it up rebuilt 1664 twin 40 dels vintage speed exhaust image.jpg
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  3. Mine


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  4. Keith are we likely to see this bad boy on the road this year? :)
  5. Not a lot left to do, its just they are all ones ive got to pay for :)
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  6. Here is mine after fitting alternator. 20180310_172816.jpg
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  7. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Very tidy :)
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  8. [​IMG]

    I call it the Flintstone system
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  9. Does this qualify IMG_0766.JPG
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  10. [​IMG]. Here’s mine running rough as a bear.☹️

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  11. Why whats wrong
  12. DSC_1852.JPG
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  13. Not been used for over a year. Was m.o.t. Last month..will it run rough pop etc with to much oil?

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  14. Do know too much oil is not good.
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  15. How much too much? And extra half litre won’t make any difference – just a bit longer to warm up.
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  16. going in the garage tomorrow. not shaw how much over at the moment.am parked on an angle at home. getting a tow tomorrow. to sort things out.
  17. sounds about my luck. :mad:

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