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    So, Michelle and myself have done a thing or two these past few weeks and we have created Lencil Creations. Its all about Arts - Gifts - Images - with soul.

    We have two websites, one is more for her artwork turned into either products such as Mugs, Tea Towels or other gifts.



    I have also created a webstore for my photographs with a variety of canvas wraps, Framed Prints or Giclee Art Prints.


    The photo's are taken with either a Nikon D810 (36 Mp image size 7360 x 4912 pixels) or a Nikon Z7ii (45 Mp image size 8065 x 5504 pixels).

    Its all work in progress as we have not been live for long, but we are doing well so far, especially Michelle who has done several commissions for digital hand drawn artwork. She uses a package called Pro Create to turn a photograph into an amazing digital print.

    Examples are the Ferocious Dog charity images:



    This is a commission Michelle did for a good friend of ours:


    Please do drop by and have a look around, if you would like any artwork creating, drop us a line or, if you would like to purchase an image, it would mean a lot.

    And, if you are nice and do want to buy an image, talk to me nicely and I may do a 10% TLB discount on my images.
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    Thats a fab cover photo on the website :cool:
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    Thanks buddy!

    Its sat looking out from Gruinard Bay with Sgurr an Fhidleir in the background.
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    I have quite a few pictures of buses on here, take this one for example:


    If I was to upload any pictures of the bay's off here, would anyone be interested at a discounted price of £9.99 for the image (these tend to start at £19.99 - £22.99) plus cost of printing / framing which Picfair control.
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    We've received some feedback on the Lencil Store and it became apparent that it was far from clear what purchasing options are available.

    This has been added here: https://lencilcreations.picfair.com/about

    Not only that but all images start at £9.99 for a digital download.
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