FOR SALE Leisure batteries x 2

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  1. Approx 6 years old, have had very little use. Were on standby at a IT building in case of power failure. They came into action approx 3 times and have always been maintained.

    Looking for £40ea.

    Will be some more available in the coming weeks.

    Based in Sheldon.

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  2. Derbyshire Sheldon ?
  3. By the nec In Brum :thumbsup:
  4. These would need to go under the rear bench. They are rather big!
  5. Ideal for running lighting in your man cave:thumbsup:
    Or to replace those teeny cells in PTK ;)
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  6. Why is everything I'd like 'darn south?' :(

    What's a PTK and do I need one? :rolleyes:
  7. PTK is short for PopTopKitchen!!
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  8. Open to offers. :)
  9. i fancy them , just need to sort out collection. can you send your postcode please
  10. I'm in sheldon. B263el

    Not too far from the NEC. :thumbsup:
  11. What you need is a nice relaxing holiday, North Yorkshire maybe, or even better, Northumberland. The weather up here is glorious this time of year. :)
  12. Unfortunately not I'm afraid
  13. @pkrboo not far out the way on my weekly commute. Could maybe grab them for you one Friday lunchtime if it works out?

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  14. I'd also like one of these bad boys... but I'm based in Wiltshire/Berkshire - anyone able to pick up/deliver?!

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