FREE Left over Formica "Macchiato Walnut" Laminate

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  1. I have a few pieces of "Macchiato Walnut" Formica left over from when I renovated the interior of my Westfalia T2 - I re-laminated all my interior with this.

    I feel these are too good to throw away and so if any one wants them and can collect from Kidlington Oxford (OX5) then they are yours for free.

    The sizes of the larger bits in cm are:
    - 79 x 81
    - 90 x 29
    - 50 x 70
    - 50 x 75
    - 48 x 38

    And then there are lots of smaller bit that would be suitable for drawer fronts and edging etc.

    I included a photo below of this laminate on a buddy box to give you a better idea of what it is like. I can also find out some pics of my interior done with this if you like!

    And note that the colour of the offcuts photo came out all odd - they are the same colour as the other two photos!

    If you want them and can collect soon then let me know.

    IMG_3770 (Custom).JPG IMG_3815 (Custom).JPG IMG_3769 (Custom).JPG
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  2. Still available FOR FREE if anyone wants it - going in the bin very soon which would be really sad.
  3. Hmm, how much do you think yo post?
  4. Or courier should I say?!
  5. Sorry not going to attempt to post it :(
  6. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    You going to techenders?
  7. If not there’s a possibility I could collect if I go to TE
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  8. It’s the wheel cover I need Barn. Thanks for tagging me though!
  9. Could you not make one using this ?
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  10. it'd not look as good as a proper one, Im no joiner :eek:
  11. Hoping to be going to TE. Might have to be bringing the kids though!
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  12. @Geordie a make ya one fa a few pints of milk ;)
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  13. @davidoft did you want this if i bring it to Techenders this weekend?
  14. davidoft

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    Yes please
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  15. Merlin Cat

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    @davidoft can I possibly share a bit please? It may cover bits in my van where the panel bit has come off :) xx
  16. davidoft

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    Yes dear x
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  17. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Thanks :) x

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