Lathkilldale Campsite, Monyash

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  1. We stayed here over the MayDay weekend:


    Set on the outskirts of the Derbyshire village of Monyash, approx. five miles west of Bakewell, set in stunning scenery. We absolutely loved our stay and would definitely return! The village pub, The Bulls Head served very nice food and a decent selection of beers to match


    There was a superb village Duck pond which was very peaceful and relaxing :)

    We walked from the village along The Limestone Way to Lathkill Dale itself, the scenery was stunning!

    Its a place we could definitely live in!
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  2. Looks like you had a great trip
  3. Loved every minute of it Paul, would recommend and definitely a place to return to!
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  4. I may give it a go myself, later in the month!
  5. Merlin Cat

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    Looks v nice. Is it v near Monyash?
  6. Any decent boozers ?
  7. Pubs ok tbh the little cafe next door is ok
  8. We got stuck up the top field when we went it's a nice place. Lime stone walk is the only time I've worried when walking we where walking across the wide open field when a it's started to thunder and lighting struck the feild next to us you smell the ozone in the air it then rained upside down for the rest of the way back good times
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  9. Did you see this on you walk

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  10. Its well worth it!
  11. Yes mate, The Bulls Head, great beer, wine and spirit selection & good food too :D
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  12. On the very edge of the village on the Bakewell road.
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  13. :lol: yes we did! After sampling some of the ice cream tubs for sale in the old barn close by
  14. Where abouts are you based nell?
  15. Haha perfect, might try it some time :thumbsup:
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  16. good man :D
  17. Stayed there and went to the pub about 6 years ago. Mean to go back now I have the camper so glad to see it's still peaceful.
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  18. Ice cream shed was shut when we went past , one group of girl guilds/ DOE walked past looking like drowned rats right at the back was a girl dragging her tent behind her we found her poles 20 mins later by the time they made camp I bet that tent was a lot lighter than when she started o_O

    I'm in Warwickshire dude
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  19. There was a lot of D of E around, hats off to them, they had walked miles!

    Your not too far away from us then, I did wonder if you was Derbys or South Yorks based
  20. Just an update we nipped off to the site for a night last week. Beer was fine in the pub and the food even better.
    The next day we went into bakewell chilled by the river all day/Paul's garden

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