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  1. Need to make space for an incoming camper so my little used lathe is up for sale. It's a Raglan Little John, which is a well made British lathe from the '50s and '60s. It's a single phase 5" screwcutting lathe with 24" between centres and a decent bore down the headstock. The quirky thing is that it has an infinitely variable speed based on expanding pulleys, like a DAF Variomatic!! I've had it about 10-12 years and it's had very little use - I've made bushes, inserts and suspension links and it doesn't really warrant the space it occupies. There's a reasonable amount of tooling, including three and four jaw chucks, a centre steady, tailstock chucks, change wheels and plenty of cutting tools. There's a chip out of one pulley which has never affected it. I paid too much for it and will accept £500 for the lot if you can collect it. I can lift it up on a winch if that helps. PM me for a video of it running. Cheers, John 20200217_115552.jpg 20200217_115640.jpg 20200217_115323.jpg
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  2. Presume this is somewhere in Derbyshire?
  3. Sorry, yes Dronfield, north east Derbyshire near Sheffield. Please pm for mobile number if you are interested.
  4. Sorry again. Accidentally put in the wrong forum. Would it be possible to over to the right one? Thanks.
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  6. Thanks !
  7. Sold!

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