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  1. I am returning to a late bay, im after a westfalia after a few years break. Im after a good clean original style westy .
    Ideal is berlin or helsinki, single colour, any engine, original style as far as possible . A complete running example.
    ANYTHING close to this i will concider..
    Here it comes! What budget?
    15 to 20 thousand for the right example.
    I am experienced with vw T2 and understand what i am after.
    I am based south central england, newbury berkshire
    Im not after a project, a basket case or modified example. Top money paid for good original example.
    Thank you....
  2. Thanks rob have seen this.
  3. Newbie on here - I am about to post mine for sale but doesn't meet all your criteria.. can send more pics and details later if you are interested.

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  4. Hi, im specifically looking for westfalia. The grey one in the photo looks like a devon.
  5. P1030428.JPG Hi Check out my 74 UK Westy on Ebay number 132778651967. Comes with the original tent. I would love to sell it to someone who knows a bit about them as I believe this maybe an Oxford conversion as it is slightly different to a Malga conversion. I am in Guildford so not a million miles away. Happy for you to call me 07766 181574 Thanks Howard
  6. Hi howard,
    I spotted this when it came up on my saved search "raydar" Definitely ticks most of the boxes. I haven't discounted it yet. Something is holding me back. Perhaps viewing may change that. Ill giver serious thought.
    Thank you for your reply.
  7. you could wait for ever and not find the perfect bus for you. go and have a look. reminds me of the Location Location Location tv program where couples spend years searching for their 'perfect' home, but never find it until Kirsty and Phil come along and show them that with any purchase a compromise has to be made.

    try to understand what it is that holds you back, good luck.
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  8. Preconceived brain ideas i suppose is most of it. And experience to an extent.
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  9. Here is a link to the M plate decoder, its quite loaded for a UK van. It had a 1800 type 4 engine originally but now runs a type 1 1776.

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  10. Thank you for the link, it is indeed nice. It is very jaffa.
  11. Hi I think my westy may be of interest. It’s a 1978 Helsinki. It’s 98% original, I swapped the coolbox for a 3-way fridge. It’s up for sale on another site, car & classic. Not sure if I’m allowed to post a link? Hopefully you be able to find it by searching.

    I’ve just been accepted on toTLB forum (used to be very active back in the day on JK Kamper Chat) so I’ve not yet got around to advertising it on the classifieds.
  12. This one :) https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1037206
  13. I think I saw this last night Gloucester way?...
  14. That’s the one, Worcester.
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  15. Hi have you found a we stay if not I will have one that is coming up for sale, it’s a continental pritty much original. The cool box has been converted to a fridge, with a new water tank, so all the looks of original, but cold beer .

    I have owned this van (Amber) for 17 years but am just not using it as mush as I should. I have just put her through an MOT (for piece of mind), a few rubbers to replace, which have been done but no issues.

    I am currently based in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

    Drop me a line if interested and I can get you all the details / pics that you want / need.



  16. I6
    Hi chris, thank you for the reply and the information.
    I am looking for something fairly specific.
    Lovely as your van is, its not quite hitting the spot.
    I wish you good luck with your sale, with all these things its timing.
    Best regards roger
  17. Roger Roger Roger, Whats wrong with the T25!!???

    Are you missing the snail that much? I look forward to seeing your next bay :)
  18. Yes mr.. should never have sold snail...ive enjoyed motel 4 (jam rag to you) and motel 5 ( except the road tax) and now my west Atlantic ( the best layed out camper ever!) But i still pine for old snail. Ill see what turns up. You'll see it if i get one
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