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    DISCLAIMER - The Late Bay in no way endorses any of the sites or suppliers listed below. This is purely a list of companies and sites for people who are looking to buy a Bay of their own and we recommend that when looking for a van, if you are unable to take an experienced mechanic or Late Bay owner with you, that you do some proper research first.

    Please reply to this thread with suggestions for additional suppliers and sites and we will add them to the list.

    Late Bay Classifieds:


    ebay: camper t2&_nkw=vw camper t2&_sacat=121904&_from=R40



    VW Bulli Barn:

    Just Kampers: combi

    ebay Germany: bus&_nkw=vw bus&_sacat=9800&_from=R40


    South West Splitz:

    Karmann Konnection:

    VW Bus Imports:\

    Gumtree: Kingdom/VW t2

    clifton campers.

    fbi vw.

    kieft en klok c

    cool campers.

    Midland Earlybay

    Official Campervan Sales - Not sure what the Official part means?
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    Pm baysearcher, dog or myself to add to the list.

    Obviously we can't buy a van from every supplier and give feedback but we will have a look through different sites at the feedback.
    If there's A FAIR bit of negative feedback we'll keep them off the list but obviously without prejudice blah blah blah
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