Late bay Gti conversion

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  1. After a bit of head scratching, some googling and lots of wire checking...

    It appears fuel pump relay clicking can be a symptom of low battery voltage.
    Battery is 2 years old, and was charged/topped up a fortnight ago - can’t be that surely?

    Check the battery voltage........10.2v!

    Back to Costco to swap my 2 yr old Bosch battery then...

    Pop the new battery on, turn the key and she’s turning over nicely, but not firing. Not even spluttering.

    Suspect no fuel, as can’t hear fuel pump prime.

    Short the pump, can hear it running but can’t make anything come from the feed line.

    Check the pump wiring, it’s fine.

    Undo the return fuel line...

    ...and spray fuel everywhere! Clearly I’ve got them back to front and covered everything in fuel.

    Leaving it to evaporate now and will try again tomorrow!

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  2. Those Costco batteries have gone up £20 in the past two years... ask me how I know
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  3. It runs!

    Tappety as low on oil but it idles at a nice speed.

    Just need to solve oil leaks, empty water and fill with coolant then adjust clutch so I can get it out of reverse gear that’s it’s no wedged into...

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  4. Congrats! :beer:
  5. Great news
  6. Excellent thread - really enjoying this.
  7. Still having trouble with gear change, keeps wedging in a forward choice gear (rev/2nd/4th).

    So I’ve invested in the brickwerks rebuild kit and alloy blocks for the shift guide


    The best part of £100!!!

    Swapped the old alloy selector blocks first


    They have definitely had a hard life.

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  8. The selector and rubber boots look tired too


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  9. So after swapping several parts of the linkage it made no difference.

    Had a mate sit in it and move between the gears to see what was happening and realised the selection arm on the gearbox wasn’t straight down when in neutral.

    Took it off and realised it’s quite worn


    The teeth being worn allow it to be put on in the wrong position

    Moved it over and all solved!

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  10. Waited till after the penalties tonight, for a little sprint on a private test track Pre the mot on Friday.

    2 observations:

    1. It’s quick! Takes off like a scolded cat in 2nd and 3rd

    2. Whines in 1st gear. Dammit.

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  11. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Have you filled the GB with clean oil?
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  12. Yep, 4.5L of of Comma GL4.

    This was literally the first outing of more than a 6ft roll, so hoping it will quieten down with some miles under it's belt as the gears pick up some oil.
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  13. Been for MOT today, failed.

    Dodgy earth as the brake lights illuminate all of both clusters.

    OS brake caliper nipple was leaking

    Rear anti roll bar missing (yeah, it’s still in the garage)

    I’ll take that list of fails!

    A couple of hours messing this weekend and go back for a re-test.

    This was the first real journey aswell, ran well.

    Appears to have pulled a few air locks out of the cooling system as needs topping up quite a bit.

    Gearbox whines a lot. Boo

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  14. Managed to fix the earth fault, leaky caliper and rubbing brake pipe.

    Missing anti roll bar at the rear couldn’t be refitted as gearbox so low now, will re how that affects handling.

    Managed to source a new towbar after the aftermarket one no longer fitted due to exhaust clash.
    Gen Vw swan neck one went straight on and looks a lot better

    Loads of room to spare!


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  15. Bays don't have rear anti roll bars as standard so should be a fail
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  16. If there were brackets from where one was fitted it'll fail though. :confused:
  17. Oh happy day!


    This was the second 4 mile trip out in the van on A-roads too, drives wonderfully.

    Have adjusted clutch cable so buy point is lower.

    Noticed one of the beatbox mounting nuts was wedged against the nose mount effectively bypassing the rubber mount - ground this back and the reduced noise/vibration is palpable

    I’ve got a power flex gearbox mount hidden somewhere in the garage - can’t wait to get that on and see if it gets even better!

    Next up is scoop design and maybe buy more fans for the rad as got hot on way home

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  18. Congrats on the pass
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  19. I'll follow your progress with interest on the cooling front - have a Bay with a VW Santana engine in it, but my rad is across the battery bay on the offside with a suck fan and blow fan. The radiator appears to be off a 5 or 3 series BMW.
  20. 1 step forward, 3 steps back.

    All set for holidays and I notice the gearbox is dropping oil, and the whining is just as bad. And it jumps out of 1st if you pull away quickly.

    Rang bears motorsport for a refurb cost and verbally diagnosed the jumping out of 1st as serious and needs catching in time.

    So backwards we go


    Engine out


    New record of 2 hours...

    ...and now the offending article removed


    Split the case to swap bellhousing back onto the diesel box it came off (mate at work assures me this box is fine)



    All swapped over and sealed up again

    Wilkos is the only supplier of gear oil on a Sunday!


    Only 4 on shelf, lucky me.

    Time for a clean up as this box is grimy to the touch


    Before and after



    Damn things are breeding I swear

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