FOR SALE Late bay for sale. Nice scabby rat condtion

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    Yes a fully restored heap of Marmite that just needs a paint job to be your pride and joy.
    Restored by davidoft off here, so any issues, knock his door.
    New recon 1600 not running yet because I'm not a bloody mechanic and have no idea what I'm doing. I'm sure a normal human being with a basic understanding of physics will have this running in 5 mins.
    Viking roof, r/r bed, gas cooker.
    This van has provided many enjoyable family trips , travelling all around this fine land, and some trips in which my children wound me up so much I had a nervous breakdown. Ideal for young family's then.

    MOT just run out , purely because I fail to start an enginet and make it work. Brakes need minor attention too, but parts supplied.
    £9000 because I can only come down in price.
    I have tears in my eye as I write this, not because I'm sad but because I've had enough and have sunk so low that I'm drinking white wine to try and stop my head hurting.

    First to view will buy. I will make sure of it. I want it out my sodding sight.
    Contact me on here, because I'm on here. That's how I'm writing the ad.
    It's in Southampton now. But don't leave it too long or it'll be on the moon after I've blown the lycheeer away.
    Serious ad, no time wasters

    So help me lord.
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  2. Oh sorry it's got a rusty rear top corner but I know a man who's got the bit to fix it.
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  3. If only you were nearer....:)
  4. Come on you can do it.
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  5. Did you change the title or were you moderated?
  6. Really?!? After all the effort you have been putting in?!?
  7. Hi - can I have some additional pictures of the interior, more pictures of around it, some as it currently looks (as I'm assuming it looks a bit different if it needs painting) and of the works undertaken? Also pictures of what it left to do.

    Sorry that you have sunk to the white wine.
  8. why don't you ask him ,he is on the same sofa....:D
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  9. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    He was moderated. He has also been warned. That may have been a good title on Volkzone, but not here.
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  10. there are folks on here wanting a van.
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    jivedubbin Moderator

    lets break this down firstly its not a heap Marmite if its fully. Restored.
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  12. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    oh yea secondly ,white wine will make your head worse
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  13. What may?
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  14. Just asked the chancellor if I can have another one........ don't think she's speaking to me now :rolleyes:
  15. Delivery is possible anywhere in the UK for a fee :)
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  16. just needs the engine starting doesn't it?
  17. Incidentally I can't log on to Volkzone after a crash some months ago although they keep sending me emails about what great threads they've got. I have tried to contact them but to no avail. @davidoft did you sort yours? Are you now called davydoff?
  18. stuart could drive it for nowt...:D
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  19. Just offering my top quality vehicle delivery service if required, I reckon old Jezza will put his toys back in the pram tomorrow though lol
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  20. hope he does.

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