Late bay Devon interior help.

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  1. Hi guys, Ben searching round for a while now for the actual measurements of the various units/cupboards that make up the classic Devon Camper. I contacted Devon Conversions and to my surprise gave me the pdf drawings and fitting instructions but they were not detailed enough in the fact it was clear drawings with no measurements. Can anyone help with providing me with measurements of these units. Regards !:thumbsup:
  2. I can't offer you any measurements, but there are several Devon conversions (Eurovette, Sundowner, Moonraker, Devonette) ... do you know which one it is you're after? There are some brochures here which might help you:
    I've got a Eurovette with only one original cupboard in so could help with that if it's any use (the cupboard with the sink, over the wheel arch)...
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  4. Hi we too are looking for Devon interior plans - if you want to share the not to scale plans then it is possible I could scale them up or down and put measurements on them as I work on autocad - might be worth a go
  5. Ours is a 75 Devon. If you post up the drawings that you have been given by Devon I can probably add some dimensions from mine.
  6. Has any-one done their own replacement canvas for the Devon Pop-top? I have my original canvas and it is full of holes in the folds. Would also like to make it a bit taller too!
  7. Find a sail maker.

    @Baysearcher may know one
  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I used a sail maker in Bristol who used my old non-Devon one as a template.
    He was good as gold and it’s better material and cheaper than buying a proper one.
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  9. nik


    Been rebuilding our Devon interior gradually and might still have some drawings/measurements. I'll see what I can dig out.

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