Late autumn Latebay camp

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Dazza, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Yes!
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  2. Dazza

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  3. Definitely interested. Will keep watching the thread as the plan develops.
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  4. Dazza

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    Likewise , I’ll go anywhere within reason but not until there’s a few ‘definates’. I booked a campsite last year in October and only me a couple of mates made it :rolleyes: it was only down the road from me so I’d have gone on my own if it came to it
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  5. UP NORTH ! I’m in .

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  6. I'm up for it, I missed the April Techenders as my bus wasn't ready and the September one is on the only weekend I can't make!!!

    Somewhere near Peterborough sounds good.
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  7. Ok I may be shooting myself in the foot here , as I’ve previously said up North ! But another suggestion is Bala Lake in North Wales , went recently plenty of room , hook up available, shop , good facilities , nice lake nearby pubs in Bala and not too pricey . Children friendly . Pets allowed.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. jivedubbin

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    Is it near the town
  9. couple of miles from Bala , place is called Glanllyn lakeside caravan & camping park. Nice and flat for tent's. there is a big patch in the centre with hook-up posts ,and water taps.
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  10. Obviously I can't go as I haven't got a blue tent !
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  11. No , but you’ve got a blue bus !

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  12. My son has just come in and said “ Do you need a blue tent “ bless him .

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  13. It's people like you that start rumours ! :D
  14. Ange has just told me we can go as one of our tents is blue ,hurray
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  15. Looks lovely, probably a tad too far for me for a weekend though.
  16. Dazza

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    Just an update - pretty much same as last year really, I’m booking into a campsite on the banks of the river Trent near Retford on the 5th and 6th of October , I’m with a couple of local lads but the offer is out there for anyone from here wanting to come and join us ..

    £10 without and £15 with hook up , on the grounds of a lovely village pub .. all quite quaint and cozy
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  17. Hopefully work will have slowed by then. I know @Suss and @Geordie have expressed an interest, maybe Ethel's 1st trip :)
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  18. bugger cant get that weekend. I had kept the end of October free as Michelle is away with work :(
  19. Dazza

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    Sneak out - tell her your off to get some milk :thumbsup:
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