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  1. We are currently looking to add a kitchen unit to our '72 bay. Given the the full width bed the unit will be approx 820mm long and 500mm wide, given the cool box / fridge will take up half of the unit, what are the options for gas bottle location and waste water container?
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  2. Westy front hinged/full bed had a low level cupboard between the bed board and the main cupboard that the bed pulls out over the top of. Possibility of a space for water and gas?
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  3. I have two 907 Gaz bottles in the low level cupboard, and two 30litre water tanks under the bus, one for fresh and one for grey water.
  4. Cheers - 907 bottle - do you happen to know the size of them? I believe they are about 250mm high, how wide?
  5. 25cm diameter and about the same height without a regulator but they easily fit in the cupboard with the regulator. And there is still plenty of room for bottles of whisky, gin, cognac etc.
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  6. Many thanks

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