Kingsdown International Camping near Deal

Discussion in 'Kent' started by JenW, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. We've just got back from our two week trip around Kent

    We were typically ill-prepared and hadn't organized our campsites before we left. We spent two nights at The Drum Inn which was okay (camping behind a pub) near Folkestone but then some careful googling by Richard turned up Kingsdown - it was beautiful.

    We intended to stay for 3 nights and wound up staying for 5. The site is huge, the facilities are decent (if a bit basic) and the views are stunning wherever you pitch up. You are a 2 minute walk from the beach :)

    They allow fires in firepits (and will hire them out if you don't have one) and even better it was cheap - £12 a night for us (£6/person). There was hookup but we don't have electric sorted in Arthur yet so I'm not sure how much more a night that would run you...

    We will be back - pics will follow when we can get them off the camera :D

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