Kid's (drunk adults)trampoline 8' FOC to good home

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  1. The kids recently got gifted a new 10' trampoline so keen to pass their old one on to a good home.
    It's galvanised steel so it's all solid and works fine. The net surround has seen too many frosty winters and needs replacing. Other than that it's fine. You may not want a net surround or you can buy them new online for about £30
    Free to a good home in the hope it can carry on bouncing kids (and drunk adults).
    I am just off J3 of the M3. I have taken it all apart and it's in a big box ready to be picked up. You will need a decent size estate car to get it all in. I have also taken loads of photos when I broke it down so reassembly SHOULD be straight forward.
    If you want it let me know but it goes for metal recycling next weekend.
    I don't seem to have the option to post pics here so just pm me of you want some
  2. If it doesent go on here dude put it on freecycle in your local area

    Im sure someone will be glad of it as they are a world of fun
  3. Yep. That will be my next step. I agree its just far too much fun to put in the metal recycling bin.

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