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  1. I bought these as I have an exhaust which sticks out the back of the van 6" which is perilously close to the floor, I reversed a couple of times and clipped kerbs and was worried about causing damage to my cylinder heads. So I installed kerb feelers to the rear bumper overriders.

    Whilst they were relatively easy to fit I have subsequently found that they are of shockingly cheap and poor quality, although they are described as top quality. When the package arrived I left positive feedback on ebay, there was nothing really to complain about, they arrived on time, postage was excessive but isn't it always...?

    So, once fitted they did the job, but...

    After just 3 weeks exposure to the elements they had rusted - feeler, bracket, screws; the rusts take on this shoddy material was indiscriminate. The doka wasn't driven on salted roads or in the rain. It has simply been "outside".

    I pointed out my quality concerns to limebug via ebay message, not asking for a refund or anything, (just as well as none was offered!!) merely pointing out that the 'top quality' item they are marketing is actually pretty crappy and cheap and nasty. The response?

    "i'm very sorry, 3 weeks is very quick to see rusting (I take this as they know they rust quickly, mine have just gone quicker, or i've complained sooner than most). Please keep in mind though these are from California so are only a summer chrome (WTF is a summer chrome?? anyone?) and due to our nasty weather and salt on the roads summer chrome won't last" (there's that word summer chrome again)

    Products like wheel sealant and metal polish will help over winter to keep rust at bay"

    I wasn't expecting much else by way of response but thought I would share my experience and advise people to beware of the dreaded 'summer chrome'. If the advert had read something like "summer chrome, dissolves in water, not suitable for use in the UK" i'd have thought twice about buying, however the advert actually reads "period modification, top quality item"

    it isn't.
  2. Whilst I'm certainly not buying them now, I do have the same issue as you and wondered how these things work?
    How do you tell?
    Can you hear them?
  3. you feel and hear them. Its a byoing oing oing as it vibrates. Prehistoric reverse parking sensors. On each side I have one of the feelers pointing down one straight out, so I hear it if there is a low kerb in the way and can reverse up to the garage without putting holes in it...

    As kerb feelers you fit them to the sills, bumpers or wing to protect your wheels from kerbing
  4. We had the limebug ones a couple of years ago. They were on the van for about a year and didn't rust up, but I lost one at VDub Island so took the others off. They did make parking especially in winter much easier. I wonder if they have changed suppliers?
  5. Possibly coz mine are seriously rusty!

  6. Yep, that is Summer chrome :D
  7. Easier just to be more aware,isnt it?

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