kent vw festival

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  1. what a @#$%^&&&%$ festival was that.
    100 VW,s and 300 other cars and caravans
    glad that there was BUS STOP FESTIVAL to, so we had a great day there at Eastborn
  2. Yeah kinda agree we was camping between 2 caravans pulled by a transit van and a Volvo. Had to ask one of them too turn of their "quiet generator" blasted things, they needed it to run the TV set apparently

    If we go next year it will only be a day visit if the weather is good.

    I know the organisation had trouble with groups all wanting to camp together and changing the lines that was down, that meant there were loads of dead ends and we found we couldn't even walk round to look at the vws that were there.

    Not enough bogs to cover half the attendance. Although it was a cheapish weekend with lots of t shirt sellers

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