WANTED Karmann gypsy

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by davecrook, May 10, 2016.

  1. i know they don't crop up very often but on the off chance someone knows of one for sale let me know.
    I currently selling my 58 beetle and need a family wagon.
  2. I had no idea what a bay gypsy is so I googled.


    We're a VW community you know, though we accept all types of people. I suspect your search may prove more fruitful on a horse & cart website

    Good luck
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  3. Thanks.
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    At least you got a reply
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  5. I think our humour is lost on some people
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    The trouble is ,actually I don't know what the trouble is ,anyway Ive seen some Gypsies this morning and to a man they all denied knowing anything about Karmann @Razzyh
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  7. Screenshot_2016-05-11-16-21-38.png These are available in Brazil...... Screenshot_2016-05-11-16-24-13.png
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  8. I'm not sure what response I was suppose to give!? Or what was expected?
    "Oh brilliant thanks for your help" any better or " you guys are full of.... Great advice.. "
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  9. Cheers Lasty.. Love that bus but a bit rich for me. I've got 12k max to spend really.
    May have to look at a t3
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    You left out the ':rolleyes:' is all :hattip:
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  11. Ohhhh ok
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  12. Love those buses. Good luck with the search!
  13. Any pics of your 58 beetle?
  14. Have a look on karmann coachbuilt forum as well
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    i love the T25/3 gypsy i'd have one of those.
  16. jurgens are very similar , try typing in what you want into gumtree or south african gum tree if you fancy a jurgens . In SA you will get alot for your money , but make sure you do your homework before you part with your money , apparently their are some good agents out their as no doubt others will tell you good luck i love them too :thumbsup:
  17. Cheers bud.. I've got a feeling if I were hunt for a bay it'd have to be imported due to rarety.
    I've seen a t3 cheetah on the karmann coachbuilt website.
  18. [​IMG]

    My 58 ragtop
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    Have a look out for a Jurgens Autovilla - basically a Gypsy that was built in South Africa, so RHD.
    There was one up for grabs a week or two back on ebay and various forums - it looked pretty tidy from the pics I've seen but, like most, it's been hacked about to plumb in a water cooled lump. Depends how worried about originality you are I suppose.
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