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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yorkshirecampers, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. ...my first speeding ticket for over 6 years C:)

    For the campervan :eek:

    The next envelope also contained a speeding ticket....happily that one turned out to be Paley's ^-^
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    Bad luck - that's something I'm half expecting because when I'm driving a fast car I'm careful of my speed and cameras, with the van I tend to me having too good a time to be looking at my speedo :)
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  7. thats crappy, historic vehicles should be exempt. I would ask for a calibration report on the camera,buses don't speed, do they? mine could only get caught in a 20 zone, its that slow. :)
  8. On those signs that tell you what speed your doing (in a 30) when it shows 30 my car speedo shows around 34/5 nut my bus shows exactly what it says on the sign ie if the sign says 30 the bus speedo says 30.

    Either my bus speedo and the signs are wrong or Mr Fords speedos are pants!
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    i can sympathise, in 24 years of driving i've been pulled by the feds once only, for speeding in a 1969 landrover....55 in a 40 (55 was flat out) the road was degraded from a 60 to 40 the week before so they let me off with a caution and i had to take my documents into the station.

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