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  1. No , I have not finally lost it , but as lucky people seem to find them in fields and behind their work , I am looking for a project ( yes Oxide Ollie is a project but a rolling one), and as he is pretty good I don't want to f around with him to much. However, my other half after years of wtf do you want one of those for has become rather addicted to the Dub culture. So I thought I would put it out there, looking for a cheap project , to slowly learn on, I plan to continue learning myself about mechanics and welding ........I don't expect to find on ASAP, it may take a long time which is not a bad thing as skint , but one of you might be offered something someday and think ..... Row :D
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  2. Funny that, my partners dad was the same. Got hooked and bought a 'spit' - screen!!
    He loves it now and is always looking at projects. His is a 67 westy from California. Obviously more money than sense.
    Good luck finding a new project. :)
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  4. that is nice, that would be one for me but he wants a bay, insides do not matter as it will be mirco bus not a camper .....
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  6. you need to sneak around a few hedge rows n old run down gardened house driveways n fields ;)
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    Show him the syncro and tell him how cheap that is. It even has the taup!
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  8. I would love to but there are plans a foot (as always in this household) for a bay microbus ...which would in the end hopefully led to self employment for him.
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  9. There's always stuff around. Now your looking for one you'll find yourself looking in peoples drives as you drive down the road and your sure to find something lurking. I have my eye on one near me. It's been under a cover and not mover since I first saw it about 8 months ago. I'm going to give it a year until I approach them as last time I did I got my head riper off. Even though it had a tree growing inside. Crazy world
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  10. There's a T25 panel can round the corner from us that's been there since before we moved in, nearly 8 years ago, he just does not want it sell. It's not undercover just rotting, of course there could be stories untold ....:(
  11. I have a bay project rhd tin top conversion started to a 1972 from a late bay ..have v5 in hand comes with all the part that need to be welded back on ..so don't need to spend any more money ..just needs your time and tlc most of the cutting out is already done ...if you are Intrested need your email will send some pics over looking at offers of £3500 thanks ImageUploadedByTapatalk1404363527.479141.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1404363576.542927.jpg
  12. thanks Mike but way over my price bracker but good luck in selling it :)
  13. Give me a call might just have what you lookin for South african import nice bus late bay 07703459528
  14. I've got a 74 tax except Devon almost all welding done complete van with interior a pop top roof all good colour jaffa £4500 as is it is unfinished
  15. Sorry guys but found one !! ......just a few things to sort out then pictures will follow !

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