Just Kampers door pockets

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  1. Just Kampers Door pockets, sold in pairs look decient enough quality & they come with screws, they are made using the Vacforming process using approx 3mm ABS plastic. Came with not very good instructions but as long as you have the sense not to put it in the way of your window winder you can't go wrong:-

  2. just enough room for a can of fosters, i like it. :)
  6. Thay look great

    what type are your arm rest from ?

    I had them before i had my new door fitted and they misteriously vanished would love to get another pair
  7. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    At least they came with instructions :)
  10. I got some of these and fitted them last week. Instructions aren't necessary as it's pretty self-explanatory. The big pain for me was the lack of fixing screws. Had to go out and buy some small black dome-heads to do the job. Apart from that, they do the job fine.
  11. I ordered these a while back and they should arrive any day. It's great to actually see them and see your placement of them! The catalog I ordered from has apple for illustration. I didn't even know that curved part was for my beer! BONUS! They look great. I can't wait to install mine. Thank you for taking the time to post this!
  15. I want them but need door cards 1st :D
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  19. Thread from the dead!
    Chris, are they the longer ones? JK have two lengths.
    Did you drill extra holes to mount them?

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