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  1. http://www.justkampers.com/review/product/list/id/19629/

    Bought one of these a year ago and for the first few uses it was great. Then one night it collapsed and the little girl, who was 5 at the time and was well below the 40kg max load these are supposed to take, fell onto the bags and chairs that luckily were on the front seats under her. I though it was my fault and that I hadn't located the ends into the clips properly.

    Next time we tried it it collapsed pretty much straight away and, on inspection, the metal poles had bent meaning they didn't sit properly in the holders on the pillars. A soon as an weight was put in the bed the hooks sprung out and the whole thing fell down.

    The metal is so soft I have been able to bend it back straight over my knee and using the palm of my hand to coerce it straight again. I'm going to have to get something to weld or screw along the inside or edges of the poles to strengthen them and hope that the little 'un trusts it again - can't say I'd be too keen after the last two times.

    It would appear that this isn't a one off as someone I was speaking this weekend had exactly the same problem with theirs and it is now used purely for storage purposes.

    Oh yeah, the screws that came with it were absolute rubbish and either snapped or the heads gnarled up - local hardware shop had some and it cost me about 50p for 8.

    score 2 out of 10 - only because you can use it as extra storage space for marshmallows and candy floss.
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  2. :thumbsup: Was going to buy one just for storage whilst we were on site but will give this one a swerve now,still got the original fittings so might try and get one made up from scratch.
  3. I have one that I bought 11 years ago ....took the weight of my 9 year old easy .clean condition
    Looking for 20 quid plus post or collection ......shameless I know
  4. I've got the blue bird one top kit! Not for sale though
  5. Another vote for the Bluebird Customs one. Check you have the holes pre drilled in the A and B posts first.
  6. 72wilma

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    We had the original that had been recovered. Held our 10 year old fat pud nephew, no problem. Looks like the metal on some repro ones are not up to scratch.
  7. I'm interested, how much posted to West Sussex ?
  8. PSG


    you are better off finding original westy poles, they are so strong. Obviously only if you can find them. And i dont really like the way JK say to mount the locators on their side, that just causes grief.
  9. I'll find out , compared to my genuine one its identical length and gauge of steel ....
  10. Pm me the cost of postage and how you want payment made

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