Just back from our week in the Gower

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  1. Hello, i just looked on the oxwich caravan site and it said no moter homes?? is there more than one site? thanks in advance
  2. We've just had a couple of nights at Nicholaston Farm campsite. Lovely campsite - beautiful views - clean facilities and a shop/cafe (the shop didn't really have much in, but OK for the real essentials). The guy who checked us in was insistent we went to a particular bit of the campsite (it was after the bank holiday, so lots of space) and said we'd be asked to move if we camped elsewhere - despite there being several other campervans in the areas we couldn't go in ... oh well, their site, their rules! Apart from that, it was just fab!
    £20 per night +£3 hookup.

    Not been to the Gower before but will definitely be returning! Here was our view:

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