jUST a couple from Brighton breeze

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by Barneyrubble, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Proper 4 x 4

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  3. Nice pics @Barneyrubble. Pity you didn't stay over. Wouldn't have had to hold it in for so long then. We're still in Brighton and off for a Ruby or Thai tonight
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  4. Didn't see anyone from here at Hook Rd...


    ...and got marshalled into a parking spot before I got to the late bay line up, but saw BayGeeky and the Hangovers.
    Also had a bit of a chuckle with Techno & many others...


    Techno bought me a lovely little present, pictures and more later in the week.
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  5. We were in the yellow bay in the back of the picture. Was it you waving a selfie stick up in the air then. Sorry never got to say hi :(. Ended up being parked at the bottom of the slope at Brighton
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  6. They were probably all hiding ..... :D

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  7. Heh, I was I the blue bay diagonally behind you, nigelcp! So you saw at least two TLB buses, Bernard!
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  8. That Landmark is gorgeous n no mistake :)
  9. twas a bewt inside and out @Birdy was in luv :thumbsup:
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  10. This would have been you then :thumbsup:


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  11. Cool stuff. Wish I was part of it all.
  12. Panoramic at Hook Road

    Attached Files:

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  13. I hope you don't mind me posting on your thread.....
    Here's a few photos I took of my bus and my friends panel at breeze. Wish I knew there was going to be a latebay stand we would have liked to have joined the line up , maybe next time :thumbsup:

  14. The lqnd;qrk looks q bit french<<:hattip:
  15. no probs looks great ,would have been good to meet you we must have walked past twice too , then back to eastbourne too :thumbsup:
  16. yes their was quite a few enjoying fish n chips n icecreams :D
  17. Selfie Stick?

    No Sir,
    How very dare you, it was a proper mono-pod!
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  18. Ooh very posh sorry for the insult I see what looked a periscope come up above a van. I had to resort to climbing on the roof rack
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  19. Good pics fellas :thumbsup:
  20. Here's some of ours. A great day and night spent with @Birdy @Mrs Majorhangover @Majorhangover The Kirks and doggies @baygeekster (Thanks for arranging it all) Also @Paul zen. We had plenty of space to enjoy a very long weekend ;) Good to meet you @Technohippy . Hello to anyone I may have forgot/can't remember.

    After all that the photos haven't downloaded to my iPad yet. Will post very soon.
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