WANTED Jurgens Autovilla

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  1. Looking for a Jurgens Autovilla. The one with the bed over the cab.

    Screenshot_20200109-164426_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Have one for sale, know of one? Please let me know.

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    There’s one on FB at the moment - £17,500 - Type 2 Detectives Swap Meet
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  3. bernjb56

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  4. Oops, one I saw is same as above lol
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  5. Cheers for the reply’s...the last time I looked for these they were around the £12k mark...blimey.
  6. Yep, they are the only Bay windows seemingly going up in price at the moment

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  7. snails are the next big thing! hence the price's, some of the cool scene people have them now that = price rise, there is a t2 gyspy like mine on the samba for 38k euros and not as good
  8. Good old scene tax! I'm going to put a VW badge on my house before it's next valued, see if the price doubles!
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  9. a mate has just bought a huge Peugeot,hymer bodied 4 berth camper for 3k....;)
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  10. You’ve got to balance how much you love old bays against how much you love camping.
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  11. :thinking:
    He chuckled when his mates splitty,
    couldn't make it 15 miles to a campsite with out breaking down..

    the splitty was nearly 10 times the price...:eek:
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  12. ha ha ha quality! true though
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  13. Quadruple it by fitting a Westy kitchen :thumbsup:
  14. This is my jurgens, brought in from SA 18mths a go , my Devon bay was sold and haven’t really looked back , enjoying the Jurgens experience, my mate has one for sale but it ain’t the Luton type over cab, there is a dedicated Jurgens Fbook site which would probably be worth visiting Locke?

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