Jurg' Fest. The Queens Head. Foulsham. Norfolk. A few photo's.

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by skirk, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Woodylubber

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    You have a lovely Pub there Skirk, it was a great weekend :thumbsup: lets hope you get many more like it in the future
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  2. Thanks Woody. It is very much appreciated that the weekend was enjoyed so much. I am planning stuff for next year. As well as this A 'Zombie' Halloween ball etc.

    Thank you again.
  3. Looked good, would of liked to of come to this Saon, but you're about 4 hrs away from me, too much for my Mrs spine to handle. Maybe I'll come on my own on your next one :thumbsup:
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  4. That's a shame.

    It would be good to see you though
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  5. Looks jurgen tastic!

    I'd love to come to one, see all those jurgens and meet you.

    I was in Norfolk in July, next time I'll pop by and say hi
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  6. Thanks for having us bud!, Its an awesome setup you've got there.

    Look forward to coming up again! :thumbsup:
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  7. I'd love to come and see these fascinating vehicles at the next gig.
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  8. Please do
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  9. STill ear in bar just had chicken pin n banana split ncydeeer Huh:beer:
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  10. he had is snow washed jeans n tea shirt on last night dave :D good to see you liz thru the window ;) and belingo birdy too :eek:
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  11. Oh n big thanks to lou n saon great weekend and extra days , made it back nearly 600 miles round trip n managed to keep under 100 everyday , degrees that is :cool: we will miss the dogs and the locals :D
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