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  1. We had a couple of nights here this week, me and Anne and 2 of the boys.

    It's a really nice site for a family, good shower block, hook up for most of the pitches, clean and nicely kept. There's a heated outdoor swimming pool on site (not free, but half price for campers) and other stuff to do with the kids. It's a few minutes from town, so shops, pubs, restaurants etc. are all within easy reach.

    This is not really a place for groups of adults - no fires, no noise after 10 p.m., ball games away from camping area etc. A couple of boys got a roasting from the camp commandant for swearing in the playground, so it's quite strict in terms of regulations.

    It is, however, a nice place to go with the kids in the school holidays and we will go there again in the future.

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  2. We stayed here for a few days last week. We weren't sure what to expect as it sounded a bit holiday camp-ish and regimented, but actually it was great. With our schools in Leicestershire breaking up a week earlier than most the site was quiet, and there were plenty of toilets and showers that were kept clean.

    With the pool being a public facility and it being so hot, there were queues out the door and round the park for the first couple of days - we waited until late afternoon on the first cooler day and we didn't have to queue to get it but it was still ridiculously busy in the pool.

    Towards the end of the week when other schools were breaking up it was starting to get busier and I can imagine that when full the site would be very noisy and the facilities would struggle to cope and staff wouldn't be able to keep up with the cleaning, so I wouldn't go in the middle of the school holidays.

    Freezer to re-freeze ice blocks was a bonus, and close to the village with nice eateries and chippy!

    Here are a couple of pics from our stay:

    Plenty of space!

    Good morning world
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    Did you try the deli in town though..if not you well and truly missed out and should definitely make it a must do next time in the area

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