Joker's scooby powered Doka

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Joker, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. yes i'm a member over there but its not what you would call active
  2. Sounds very interesting, looking forward to seeing it progress! Good luck dude :D
  3. Not that it matters much but I think I'll keep the doka on the road for now, so I might do the scooby in the pretender instead
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  4. check the timing belt tensioner, they are dampened and have a habit of failing. gsf do them for about £80 i think.
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  5. Cheers, I've ordered the complete kit + crank and cam oil seals + head and rocker gaskets. Belts and braces
  6. You have the same SOHC 16v engine that I have. Yes you will need the speed sensor - it has a different map for idle, and if you don't have the VSS, it will stall every time you stop at a junction, and will not rev past 4000 due to a safety feature which prevents you revving the nuts off it whilst its stationary - this is because without a VSS, the ECU will assume it is stationary at all times.

    I don't know where the VSS plugs into on the ECU, but it might be worth asking Fellows Speed Shop if they can point you in the right direction, as they do have a lot of knowledge on these engines now.

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